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Story of Last Life

Last Life came into being before the rise of most dawns,
long before most realized their destinies
and before any realized that in some realms, dragons DO exist.
Our world was a peaceful one.
We went from town to town, meeting the local folk from those areas,
and defeating anything or anyone who wanted to cause us harm.
Life was grand... or so we thought.

One day, a wizard appeared.
He brought promise of hope, prosperity,
new ideas and new inventions. Many of us were excited.
At first, it seemed as if all he had promised would come to pass.
But alas, all was not as it seemed. The wizard had a horrible sickness that he kept from most of us.
Seduced by dark forces, he had become greedy.
Money and power became more important and we soon learned that he no longer cared about our people or our world.

Day by day the wizard grew more and more evil.
Soon what was once a great land fell into darkness and ruin.
Things we'd worked so hard for began to disappear,
as did many of our friends, and neighbors.

One day a strange spell fell across our world and time stopped all together.
Then, the evil wizard tried once more to control our land by attempting to spirit our world into another realm.
The result would have removed the crest that we had known since anyone could remember.
Later, we would hear rumors of a great battle that took place.
When the fog of war cleared, we had found our champion.
Ceberus had emerged victorious and finally at long last, vanquished the evil wizard from our land.
We asked everyone we met who this great Champion was, but no one seemed to know.
However, each story held the same message. Ceberus was here to help bring us back from ruin,
restore our land and bring us new and greater things giving us a world we could once again be proud of.
Ceberus promises to bring back all the things we belived had fallen into legend

Greatful for our champion, we have decided to give Ceberus a chance,
a chance to fix the destruction that the evil wizard caused.
But we must be patient.
We must be diligent.
We must believe.
Can you believe?

Last Life - Reborn      
2012 - 2015